Join our team
At Aegis Alpha we are passionate
about thoughtful productivity and meaningful knowledge.

We are intentional about helping people be exceptional at how they work with their knowledge and information.

Information and knowledge are our most valuable resources. Thoughtfulness and deliberation are the most demanding efforts for us as humans when we need to make the right decisions or learn new things. Every fifth person on our planet is a knowledge or information worker and a huge portion of those people's time is being wasted.

That's why we strive to reimagine the experience of working with knowledge and information.

At Aegis Alpha, you'll shape the future of exploration, discovery, and productivity of information and knowledge.
Let's change the world to how it should be.

Our Values
Be passionate
You're a creator. You have the responsibility to shape a new world, to change lives. Love what you do, be creative, do your best.
Reason everything
Be thoughtful and deliberate. Be meaningful. There is a solid reason for everything that we do.
Create remarkable experience
Strive to excite, delight and inspire. People's feelings are as important as the value we create. We are here to outperform ourselves and hope you are too.
Application process
During our interview process, we want to make sure that both sides get a good understanding of what it feels to work together day-to-day. Our process contains a few steps:
    Send us an engaging email/CV/intro. Tell us why you want to join Aegis and why you generally care about the problem we're solving. Make your first impression count. Share with us what excites you and how you envision your role at Aegis.
    An intro call with us. Both parties get to know each other. You learn more about Able (Aegis) and can ask us any question. From our side, we want to understand what motivated you to apply and how your past experience and skills fit the role.
    Test task. We give you an assignment that is similar to tasks you would do in this role as part of the team. We'll create a shared Telegram/Discord channel to communicate so you will get a sense of what it's like to collaborate with the team.
    Another video call to present your results. Time for you to show your work in a short video call with some of us. Expect some role-specific questions to better understand how you work.
    After the last step, we get back to you with a decision. In rare cases, we might ask you for another call.
    Meet the team
    Carina joined us as a graphic designer and now she takes care of everything our users see and feel. She spends hours keeping our products clean and usable. Her laugh makes our meeting and conversations feel sunny and funny. She loves coffee with milk, loves jogging a lot and reads smart books. She uses her knowledge to make the world a little more beautiful.

    Boris is programming superman. He's fast as a space-rocket and sharp as a spear. His criticism helps us move forward, and his ability to solve any problem covers our back as a superman's shield. He lives in a nice warm country and loves his cat and to play his guitar.

    Boris V.
    Boris is the engine of our team. He's heavily invested in making everyone feel cared and enjoy working in the company and using our products. Open and friendly, always thoughtful but sometimes harsh. He lives here and there but always available to chat. He loves reading and playing drums and golf.

    Andrii joined us as a quantitative researcher and learned to research anything. He knows how to ask the right questions so that the insights will be deep and powerful. He masters the art of excel and PowerPoint and loves to torture the data to get the answer he needs. He loves his son, local food, good latin music and sunny days.

    Evgeniy joined us as a math pro to manage our stats, he's come a long way to manage the data. He studied python and now makes our servers cry while they make calculation he programmes them to do. He's very serious, loves a lot of very strong coffee. He enjoys playing Dota2, bodybuilding and calculate probabilities.

    Inna joined us as a financial analyst and worked her way up to the Financial account manager. She loves to work with numbers and calls with Swiss colleagues. She loves to look for solutions for difficult issues. Her excel superpowers make reports look easy. She's humble and friendly and loves quiet space and sunny days.

    Dmitry makes sure that our users enjoy using our products. He makes them play their games and makes sure that they have fun and delight them with surprises. He loves his wife, cars and to play Dota2 and CS:GO at night. Sometimes other games as well.

    Sergey makes machines learn. He loves to calculate everything around that can be calculated. He enjoys healthy food, stock market and difficult math. Good music, sports, models and algorythms are his deep passion.

    Sabina's sense of responsibility keeps our team running. Her ability to arrange virtually anything lets us focus on what really matters and forget about all the routine stuff. Her sense of humour makes us laugh and smile. She loves warm days, her dog, good art and bodybuilding.